Don't just take our word for it, see what some of our students and parents of students have to say.

"Oliver originally wanted to be a 'ninja' after watching a kids tv programme. We thought we would try Qi Kwan Do as we had read about the origin and methods on the website. We were impressed by the fact it teaches children about 'stranger danger' issues as well as the martial art itself. 

My son, Oliver has learnt so much in the last 2 years as he is now a 'brown belt' Little Dragon! He loves the fun element that Master Coles brings to the class as well as the disciplined moves he learns as part of Master Coles's teaching method.

I would highly recommend Qi Kwan Do to everyone with children as I have learnt so much too just by being a part of Olivers 'ninja' world! I am confident now that Oliver will grow up with the knowledge of discipline, respect and most importantly self defence tactics." 


Georgina Gentry - Mother of Oliver, 6 years old.

"In 2013 I was diagnosed and treated for Breast Cancer. Following treatment I felt quite vulnerable physically and mentally. I attended a Mothers Day self defence class with Master Coles, and was hooked. I was unsure what I'd be capable of but slowly built it up and love going to classes every week!  


I really feel that Qi Kwan Do has made a huge difference to me. I am regaining my fitness and feel so much more confident. I am now training to be a Qi Kwan Do Instructor which is a huge achievement... I would never imagined it possible this time last year!”


Mrs Bone from St.Neots Qi Kwan Do

"I started Qi Kwan Do together with my son since I thought he would benefit from the physical training and self defence capabilities. He wouldn't go by himself, so I joined in just for a couple of lessons until he got used to it.


I enjoyed the training, and kept going, it is still lot's of fun.  Training together became our special thing, my son and I talk about it, and train during the week (at home), it strengthens our bond, which for me is the biggest benefit.


I see the benefit  With my son getting higher confidence in his skill and himself. Seeing him training seriously, and trying to do the best each time, means that he learns how to work hard for the long run." 


Mr Indursky from Cambridge Qi Kwan Do

"My son Henry and I have been attending Huntingdon Qi Kwan Do for about 18 months now and we really enjoy our training and practice time together.  Henry started QKD first as I thought it would be good for his confidence and physical presence.  For the first few weeks I watched from the side lines and held an occasional pad for others to practice with.  Before long I joined the class and have never looked back.


Henry and I spend between 5 and 20 minutes a day practicing our moves and I really love that this is ‘our time’.  In our busy lives it’s often hard to find times to just be together and this is my cherished time of the day.  Henry has certainly become more able to focus and he has benefitted from greater confidence and better gross motor skills (balance, coordination etc).


We have both now moved on to the Leadership programme where we get to mix with other belts and benefit from peer to peer training.  I would encourage anyone to give it a go regardless of age, shape or size as I’m sure that they would benefit.”


Mr Waring from Huntingdon Qi Kwan Do

Why you started your Qi Kwan Do training?


1. It was my dream to learn it from childhood but never got a chance before.

2. I get a chance to do something together with my son

3. To boost my confidence level


 What do you love the most from the classes and what benefits you are gaining/have gained?


1. I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere where people are ready to help each other to learn and practice.

2. I appreciate the teacher encouraging the students to work hard also remind them it is not a competition.  

3. The teacher Master Coles is inspiring.

4. I feel I have gained confidence after joining Qi Kwan Do training.

5. Very good exercise, it is helping my dance class as well.


Mrs Madhu from Cambridge Qi Kwan Do

"I enrolled Eliot because I wanted him to build his confidence and physical strength and co-ordination , in a social, fun setting. Your classes provide all of that and you're fantastic at communicating with the kids even when their concentration levels aren't very high. Eliot always looks forward to the next session.”


Mr Richardson from Stevenage Qi Kwan Do

"My family and I were looking for a fun activity that we could all participate in. We wanted something that would challenge us individually but that we could all learn together and some sort of Martial Art seemed to fit the bill. I did some research online and found that our local Huntingdon Qi Kwan Do school offered a family course in what looked like a friendly environment.


Qi Kwan Do has improved my children's confidence in themselves and we all get to take part in a fun and healthy activity together.  The emphasis on courtesy and respect are important and do not always feature in other sports clubs or hobbies.  I am also happy that my children are learning skills that they will be able to use to keep themselves safe.  Joining the club has been a great experience for us all, and it is great that we can all train and develop together.”


The McCarthy Family from Huntingdon Qi Kwan Do

"I started at this class as I wanted to maintain/increase my fitness levels and develop some new skills, including improving confidence. I have gained these and more during my time in the class. 


There is a good mix of abilities and everyone is always willing to help and give advice. Master Coles is very professional and patient ensuring that his attention is evenly spread throughout the class and appropriate training is used for all levels."


Mr Hawkes from Cambridge Qi Kwan Do



"I enrolled Jacob because he found it hard to socialise with other kids, he was very shy and had little confidence in himself. Since he has been going to his Little Dragon classes it has made a big difference!  He is happy to go talk to everyone even get up in front of the class.


Another reason I enrolled him is to improve his concentration as this is also a issue at school with him he still struggles to concentrate and listen, but he is getting better the more he goes to the classes." 


Ms Greenwood from St Neots Qi Kwan Do

"I was originally pursuaded to go to Qi Kwan Do by my husband and children,  I was reluctant as i was worried i would "look silly" and that it was just for the kids.  I couldn't have been more wrong! I found the QKD family to be welcoming and supportive. The children benefit from the structure, discipline and respect, we all enjoy keeping fit and learning together.

I think I now enjoy the classes more than the kids, especially the pad work.  It always clears the mind after a busy day!

QKD has benefited me physically by improving my fitness but also mentally, increasing my confidence and ability to cope with the stresses of life.

I have been encouraged and supported to join the ‘CIT' course and am now an assistant instructor.  I cannot thank Master Coles enough for the world that has been opened up to me, fitness, mental wellness and helping others to gain the same."


Rebecca Mutlow from St Neots Qi Kwan Do



“Qi Kwan Do has encouraged my son Archie to stay active and keep fit. It has helped to develop his concentration and coordination in a fun and stimulating environment. During the time he has been training he has grown in confidence and watching the sense of self pride on his face when he achieves his belts is brilliant."

Sally (Archie's Mum) from Stevenage Qi Kwan Do



"I had wanted to do some martial arts for sometime but thought that I was now too old (at 45) and not fit enough either. I decided to go along and watch as there was an adult class. It was a relaxed and encouraging environment and had great fun whilst learning the basic moves. 


You are encouraged to progress at your own pace and fitness levels but I have found that having been regularly for a while now I have lost weight and got fitter and faster. I have also moved up a couple of belts and gained confidence.  So glad I turned up and gave it a go that night!”


Mr Walter from St.Neots Qi Kwan Do

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